How about Washing hair in the sink vs the shower

Where is the woman normally washing her hair when you watch a shampoo commercial? Normally in a hot steamy shower or in a tropical paradise under a waterfall, right? The point is that she normally stands straight and massages the shampoo by her skirt. Now imagine watching a shampoo with a woman hitting her kitchen sink. Find that odd? When using the tub, there are regular benefits of using a sink when using the default process. How about washing hair in the sink vs the shower.


Shower washing

You have also piled up your hair to the top of your head that is not the natural way hair flows. So to reverse the damage, you try to peel down your hair, and it’s hard after your washing session, isn’t it? It’s because during the washing process, your hair was piled up on your head. This can cause breakage and contribute to a very poor hair tolerance. Normally your head faces the sink not up to the ceiling as in a living room (which is the right sinking method) and you do not smooth down the hair cuticle, but in the opposite direction. In fact, you’ve pushed your hands in the wrong direction during this process causing frisk and roughness. It is difficult for your strands to absorb and preserve humidity if your cuticles are incorrectly rubbed.

sinkSink washing

You have power over the position of items as you wash your hair in the shower. It is much more comfortable than the kitchen sink process. Because the water flows downward, the hair flows when it is rinsed.

When you advise of the shower, do not pile your hair up as you wash and condition. Do not attempt to rebuild the shampoo on TV, it is not practical for hair.

Now that the hair is washed and packed in the same direction as the debugging takes place, things go much easier.