Tips to use ubtan correctly

In today’s post, I will address a few Ubtan recipes you should try to get radiant skin at home. As we all know, during holidays everyone wants to appear like a diva. Ubtan is a specialized treatment for the skin that will make you shine on the skin for your chosen occasion. Ubtan is a type of paste that is spread over the face and body as a face mask. It has lost its appeal in recent times as face packs and masks have capitalized on the market.

However, Diwali is the perfect time to do these great skin treatments at home, giving your skin a touch of traditional magic. Each recipe serves a particular purpose and is effective in treating the skin. Continue with tips to use ubtan correctly.

Ubtan Recipes For Lovely Skin

  1. Sesame and Turmeric Ubtan for clean and bright skin:

Turmeric is an integral ingredient in any ubtan by nature. It helps to lighten the skin, remove tan, battle acne, remove dark spots and scars and gives a glowing, untouched skin. Sesame seeds have anti-inflammatory effects, treating wrinkles and acne, preventing dryness, improving blood circulation and helping to renew new cells. This ubtan is easy to produce and produces excellent results.

face mask

Procedure: Take 2 turmeric teaspoons and 2-3 sesame teaspoons. Grind them well and turn them into a fine powder. Mix well and form a thick paste in water. Apply this paste on all sides of the body and leave it for 15-20 minutes. Wash with water. Wash off with water. You’ll automatically get clean and luminous skin.

  1. Ubtan for beautiful radiant skin: Turmeric, sandalwood and sesame oil:

This recipe includes turmeric as well. The additional ingredients are sandalwood powderand sesame oil. The advantages of sesame and turmeric have already been demonstrated. Sandalwood is also a great ingredient to make your skin beautiful. It helps to lighten the skin, controls sebum excess, reduces pimples and gives a beautiful skin.

Procedure: 1-2 tablespoons of sandalwood powder, turmeric, and 2-3 tablespoons of sesame oil to prepare this recipe, and combine to form a thick paste.

  1. Sesame Oil, Rosewater, Turmeric, Flour, and Sandalwood Ubtan:

This Ubtan is another version of the above recipes and has additional ingredients flour and rosewater. Rosewater is a natural toner that well moisturizes the skin. The flour helps to lighten, tighten and cleanse the skin thoroughly. Applying ubtan for skincare is good and powerful for the relaxing and dead skin and restoration of natural glow.

Procedure: Take 1 tablespoon of sandalwood powder, rice flour, gram flour and turmeric powder, each one of them. Mix them well with sesame oil and rosewater and form a thick paste.