No One Is Illegal On Stolen Land - Prints and Donations for RAICES


No One Is Illegal On Stolen Land - Prints and Donations for RAICES

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In the wake of inhuman travel bans, immigrant family separations, and an administration with little compassion for human life, I want to do my part however I can- and that has always been through art.

All profits from these prints will go toward RAICES Texas Family Unification Bond Fund which serves to pay the bond and legal fees for detained immigrants who need to get out of detention and be reunited with their families (they also help prevent separations). I will only be reimbursing myself for printing and shipping costs. I’ve made three choices on this listing for donations, $10, $20, and $50.

For $10 you will receive one print, for $20 - 2 prints, and for $50 - 5 prints. If you would prefer less prints with a higher donation, please indicate so in the form during checkout and I’ll only send as many as you request, you may also select higher quantities of this listing for higher donations.

Each print is 11”x17” and will be printed on high quality eco recycled cardstock from local company Indigo Ink printing. I will keep preorders open for a week, and then order my first shipment of prints. Please allow 3-5 business days from purchase for shipping (starting the 8th).

Please also see my other listing for a digital download of this poster- I’m allowing download of this image for free to use at protests and other events. This image is not to be sold for profit, and is owned and copyrighted by me (Sarah Robbins), and may only be sold by me. It may be distributed, printed, and given away for free. Don’t sell it, be cool, ok?

Thanks for your donation, and fight the good fight.


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