Side effects of getting piercing in a tooth

Over the past few decades, facial piercings have become a trend. Some people communicate by tongue piercingsor lip piercings, while others penetrate through their oral frenulaor cheeks. There are many side effects of getting piercing in a tooth.

Teeth chipped/cracked

One of the biggest concerns is chipped, cracked or even crackled teeth, particularly with tongue piercings. Tongue jewelry can damage teeth badly, sometimes even by damaging or removing complete fillings! The gems will irritate or pick your teeth enamel by speaking, sleeping or chewing.

crackled teeth


Infections are another cause of concern in and around the mouth as they get piercings. Every mouth is full of bacteria and a swollen piercing will increase the chances that bacteria become a full-blown infection before you know it. A metal or jewelry allergy may also cause an infection.

When a new piercing happens, discomfort and swelling are almost unavoidable, however the tongue is full of the blood vessels and can lead to heavy bleeding if it is pierced in a bad position. You may also be at risk of blood-borne diseases more quickly! If you can see, it’s not like swelling, it’s much more intense than swelling.

Bacteria can invade your bloodstream and cause serious problems if the piercing is not properly healed. The risk of this is increased if the piercing material is not taken care of.

When you plan to have an oral piercing, be very careful to choose when to get it. If a person does not follow best practices will pierce you, hepatitis, tetanus or tuberculosis can be exposed to dangerous infections.

Harm to rubber

The jewelry may rub against the tooth for lip rings or cheek piercings. In addition, however, gums may be rubbed, which leads to reduced gums and more damage. For adults, periodontal (gum) disorder is a significant form of tooth loss.

When gums start to recede, there is no return. The gum-protected sensitive dentine is then exposed and causes discomfort, tooth decay and nerve damage. The only way to solve this problem is by using costly crowns and root canals.