Can you put perfume on your hair?

Perfumes are still your personality. You must also have thoughts about the proper use of perfumes in order to apply perfumes. If not the excessive use of a perfume may have a negative effect on your personality. You need to mention the main areas and points where you can apply perfume. These are the folds in the elbow, waist, wrist and cleavage in the body.

Don’t rub both wrists together, because it will crush the smells. Sprinkling the perfume e in the air is also perfect if you go straight into the perfume to experience the scent. This is the safest way and reasons of putting perfume on hair.

perfume on hair

A scent depends on its mixture and notes. Perfume notes are graded by their permanent strength. The first impression is top notes or head notes. The top note typically lasts less than 15 minutes. After that, middle notes or heart notes follow. It lasts an hour or longer to mature in most perfumes. Simple notes are the last in the fragrance.

They last a few hours until middle notes and top notes vanish. Taking advantage of 3 fragrance notes will allow you to efficiently use perfume as you can spray perfume 20 minutes before you head out. That is because the best fragrance grows 20 or 30 minutes after your mist. People would enjoy it at the party or conference.

The perfume gives you fun, not just for its pleasant smell, but also for the wearer’s atmosphere. Perfume is basically a solution that can smell differently on various objects. The best way to use a perfume is really easy to smell. The use of perfume on the different parts can take longer, but some experts suggest no direct use of perfume on the body. This is because perfume penetrates deeper and the ingredients can also cause problems with the people’s allergies.

Perfumes can also trigger spots on your favourite dress if you don’t use it correctly. Here are several steps on how to use perfume:

  1. Sprinkle the perfume in the air like a cloud and walk through this cloud for the delicacy.
  2. You can spray perfume and dab it behind your ear on a cotton ball. It is important to whisper into the ears as you lower your ears.
  3. You should also rub on your wrist a little more as perfume lasts longer at the pulse points like knee, ankles, etc.